Selz is an e-commerce builder targeted to entrepreneurs and creatives who want to sell digital, physical, or service products online. The pre-built website templates are visually attractive, fully modern, and feature best design practices for product launches, multi-product stores, and the selling of services and digital products.

Global reach: Selz gives you the opportunity to offer your site in multiple languages and to sell in over 100 currencies. And in a unique feature, Selz gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to offer their store customers “PWYW:” pay-what-you-want pricing.

Selz is fast to setup. You can also use it to sell products on your existing site and to sell on your social media pages.

Below we take a look at what Selz can offer it, explore its features, and highlight who this builder is going to be best suited for.

Selz Alternatives

Most Popular Selz Alternatives
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About Selz

Selz was founded by Martin Rushe in 2013, which makes it relatively new to the e-commerce builder space. But, in that time it’s managed a build a respectable user base of over 125,000. Selz currently boasts a team of 23 members, spread out across Sydney, Australia, Portland, Oregon, and Manila, Philippines.

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As a young and growing company you can expect Selz to continue to add features and extend the functionality of its product over the long term.

Designed for With Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs in Mind

Selz caters to small business owners, start-ups, and creative entrepreneurs who want to start selling online. Best of all you can start selling your products or monetizing your services without any previous design or development background.

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Selz’s fully editable design templates are sleek and modern.

Ease of Use

With just a few clicks you can start selling your own products. Once you create your account you’ll be presented with four different options to start selling.

  1. Create a fully standalone e-commerce store using one of the themes.
  2. Add buy buttons to an existing website or blog.
  3. Sell directly from Facebook, Twitter, and other integrated social media networks.
  4. Embed a store within your existing website or blog.

The option you choose you will determine the set of options you’re given to customize your store. If you want to build a separate e-commerce store, then you’ll be prompted to answer a few questions about your store and the builder will automatically create a basic storefront.

The Selz site builder is very intuitive, from adding products, to customizing your store, setting up payment gateways, and making sales. It’s built with the non-technical user in mind.

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Selz themes are designed to emphasize single product launches, multiple product showcasing (as with this theme), or conversions for things like e-books and services.

Selz E-Commerce Features

Selz has a few plan options that cater to different types of e-commerce store owners. Of course, the higher level plan you choose, the more features you’ll have available. That is pretty standard.

Below you’ll find some of the main features that this builder offers.

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Among Selz’s offerings are single-page modern designs which are ideal for product launches.

Product Management Features

With Selz, you’ll have a variety of ways to manage your inventory and products. You’ll be able to sell physical, digital, or service products. Plus, you can utilize the preview feature to showcase video, audio, or image samples of your products.

You’ll also be able to customize your products with multiple sizes, colors, variations, materials, and a lot more.

It’s also really easy to sell digital products and downloads. Your digital products will be automatically delivered to your customers via Dropbox, direct download, or stream. There’s also a “send to Kindle” option for e-books. With digital downloads, you can set download limits, and rent your films or video tutorials for a limited amount of time.

See all Selz features

Top E-commerce Platform

We think Shopify is a great choice for most visitors.

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  • Library of ready-to-use templates
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Manage your site from a single dashboard

Payments Options

You can manage your payments with Selz Pay, PayPal, or 2Checkout. Selz Pay is an easy-to-use, built-in credit card processor. If you don’t want to connect to a separate payment processor, then Selz Pay is going to be your easiest option. One thing to be wary of is the percentage fee per transaction, so if you’re selling a high volume of products, then this fee could add up.

Accept Payments Multiple Ways

With Selz you can accept credit cards or PayPal. You get paid daily, which is a nice feature. This means they don’t hold money for your sales.

Customer Check Out Features

In regards to customer checkout, you’ll be able to offer your customers payment options in over 100 different currencies, as well as automatic tax calculation. Plus, you’ll be able to calculate real-time shipping rates for both international and domestic shipments.

Additional Payment Features

There are additional shopping cart options, like abandoned cart recovery and post-purchase redirect. Abandoned cart recovery reminds customers to make a purchase if they don’t check out after adding an item to their cart. Post-purchase redirect can be used to encourage social media actions, educate them on a new or related product,  or even send them back to your store for more shopping. These features can help to encourage customers to buy more from you.

Selz also offers additional payment features, such as automatically calculating EU VAT and taxes in the US. You can also create customized receipts and professional looking tax receipts.

Apps and Integrations

If you’re looking to extend the functionality of your e-commerce store, then you can use one of the many apps offered. You’ll be able to add more marketing tools to your site, improve site interaction with comments, incorporate reviews, and much more.

Some of the most common and useful apps include:

  • Export customers to an existing MailChimp list
  • Export customers to an existing Aweber list
  • Export customers to an existing Campaign Monitor list
  • Adding Yotpo Reviews to add customer reviews to your products
  • Add Disqus Comments to encourage customer feedback.
  • Manage loyalty programs to increase repeat customers
  • Integrate with Freshbooks to easily keep your accounting organized
  • Integrate with Ship Station and create triggers to auto-ship products

Analytics and Customer Relationships

There are numerous features that will help to give you feedback on your customers, so you can manage your store accordingly. First, there are sales analytics, so you can see what your most successful campaigns were. You can monitor your sales volumes and overall orders. Plus, you can even connect your Selz store with Google Analytics for additional store data.

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The most successful online stores have an in-depth knowledge about their audience. There’s a unique feature that lets you gain a better understanding of your customers by creating detailed customer profiles. You can even communicate one-on-one with customers through an in-app messaging system.

Free SSL Certificate

Evert Selz site comes with a free SSL certificate for every page of your website, not just for checkout pages. This feature is particularly important for ecommerce stores for a few reasons. First, an SSL certificate will give you the lock icon in the browser bar, indicating to visitors that your site will keep their information secure.

Second, Google has said they give a search boost to sites with SSL certificates and will tell visitors your site in not secure if you don’t have it. And finally, if you are selling products online, you have a duty to do your best to protect information your customers provide. With an SSL certificate, your bases are covered.

Building Your Store

If you want to build a standalone e-commerce store, then you’ll be using one of the twenty-plus different themes for the foundation of your online store. Every single one of the themes is mobile responsive, so your store will look great on any device.

Customizing the site is pretty easy with the WYSIWYG editor. You’ll be able to change things like color, font choice, header and footer elements, banner, and overall branding. You’ll also be able to create additional pages for your site, like an about page or contact page, and add an entire blogging element.

The drag-and-drop tools are very easy to use and will let you customize your site rather quickly. However, the customization options are limited, so don’t expect to make any large changes to the existing theme.

See Selz themes

Selling On WordPress

If you already have a large audience on an existing WordPress site, then you can use the Selz plugin to embed a buy button or even an entire online store in minutes. This makes it incredibly easy to productize your existing knowledge and start making a profit off your site.

The Selz WordPress plugin works with any WordPress theme, can be customized to your liking, is SSL encrypted, and lets you sell digital products, physical products, or services.

This versatile plugin is a solid addition to their existing offering and lets small start-ups, artists, musicians, and other creatives profit from their work.

Selz review
Have a service or e-book you’d like to promote? Selz has a theme for you, too.

The Most Unique Selz Feature

Unique: With Selz, you can offer customers a “PWYW” option: pay what you want. A variety of entrepreneurs have experimented with PWYW, from novelist Stephen King to Kickstarter project founders. Some have succeeded, some have failed. It depends a great deal on what your niche is as well as your audience. Either way, this is a unique offering that may appeal to many creatives.

You can read more about the practice in this Harvard Business Review article. Data scientist William Chen claims you can earn more from PWYW than from a fixed price model.

Another Great E-commerce Platform

Looking for an e-commerce platform? BigCommerce is a great option for most visitors.

BigCommerce Logo


  • Downloadable apps available
  • Creative design tool
  • API driven

Selz Customer Support

There is no direct way to call the Selz team, but there are a few ways you can get in touch with the team to work through any issues. You can open a support request via their contact page. There’s also a live chat support feature available on their website that will put you in touch with their team.

Finally, they offer a variety of different tutorials, troubleshooting, and how-to resources via their support page. Here you’ll find things like order and shipping information, payment gateway setup, store setup, marketing, taxes, social media setup, and a lot more. There’s even a great resource called FounderU, which will educate you on all the aspects of running an online store.

3 Reasons You Will Want to Use Selz

Selz is a great e-commerce tool for digital entrepreneurs looking to add the ability to sell products to their existing audience or create a small-scale e-commerce store. Below we look at three main reasons this might be the perfect builder for you.

You’re a Startup Who Wants to Sell Products Now

With Selz, selling products is incredibly easy. It’s really one of the simplest options out there for quickly selling products. With the ability to add buy buttons to your site, or quickly create a standalone e-commerce store, it’s a great way to start selling products as fast as possible.

You Have An Existing Website

If you already have a successful blog or website and want to start selling products, then this is one of the best ways to do just that. If you’re running a WordPress site, then you can utilize the WordPress plugin. Or, you can add a buy button to your existing site, or even integrate it with social media.

Your Focus is Digital Products

If you’re a creator of any kind who wants to sell various digital products or courses, then this is a solid option. You’ll have tons of options for selling your products and making them accessible to your customers, including download limits, streaming, multiple product delivery methods, and a lot more.

3 Reasons to Use a Different Builder

Selz is best suited for smaller business or solopreneurs who want to sell a few products, whether digital or physical products. It’s not the best fit for e-commerce store owners who are planning on building large-scale stores. Below we look at a few reasons you may want to look for a different e-commerce builder.

You Want to Grow Your Online Store

If your business is growing very quickly, or you want an e-commerce builder that can grow with you, then Selz might not be the best fit. Its current service and feature options don’t lend themselves to a scaling e-commerce store. There might be additional features added in the future, but where it currently stands the tool is best served for start-ups and smaller online companies.

For selling a few products this tool is great, but if you demand high-level or high-volume selling features then you’ll want to use a different builder.

You Demand Extensive Customization Options

Selz is incredibly simple, but it might be too simple for some store owners. It’s an incredibly easy way to sell products, but the means of customizing your store are limited. The design options will give you a good looking store, but they are rather basic and you won’t end up with an entire customer storefront.

You can customize the HTML and CSS of your store, but this will either need to be hired out or done yourself.

High Transaction Fees for High Volume Stores

If you’re planning on running a high volume store, then you might get hit with some high transaction fees. The fees are small when selling a handful of products, but when you have to pay a transaction fee on every sale, then these costs will add up.

If you want to run a store that moves a high volume of products, then you may want to find a builder that offers cheaper transaction fees for moving bulk products.

Selz Alternatives

Most Popular Selz Alternatives
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Overall, Selz is a great tool for small business owners and creatives looking to sell a few products or profit from their work. The ability to sell via social media, embed a store into your existing website or even add a few buy buttons to your site make selling simple. But, people looking to build a high-volume store might want to find another builder that offers advanced customization options and sales tools.

Visit Selz for more information

Frequently Asked Questions About Selz

Have questions about Selz? Below, we answer the top questions our readers have asked about the popular ecommerce tool.

What kind of products can you sell on Selz?

You can sell a wide range of digital and physical products, including ebooks, apps, courses, and videos. Selz also offers the option of selling licensing keys so you can protect your products from being illegally used.

How does Selz compare to WooCommerce?

Unlike WooCommerce, Selz allows you to sell digital products right out of the box. (WooCommerce requires integrating an additional tool.) WooCommerce is a more versatile ecommerce solution, but it can be too much for solopreneurs. If you want a simple tool to sell mostly digital products, Selz comes out on top.

Do I need separate hosting to use Selz?

Nope, Selz offers hosting for an unlimited number of products.

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