Ashop provides quality shopping cart software with a unique focus on tools that enable you to easily make data-driven decisions that impact the bottom line. Even the smallest Ashop e-commerce plan includes powerful tools for forecasting, checking on sales, and understanding what customers are doing.

Metrics are important to online stores. But too often the small business owner is left drowning in data with no staff member able to wring actionable insight from that data.

Having powerful reports inside of your e-commerce platform can improve how you view (and adapt) your overall business.

Ashop is a solution meant to counteract the hassle that often comes along with open-source products. It’s still possible to scale up and customize your store, but you’re not left to fend for yourself when it comes to hosting, support, and design.

If this sounds of interest to you, keep reading to check out our complete review on Ashop and our breakdown of who should and who should not consider this builder.

The Basics of the Ashop E-commerce Builder

A benefit of going with Ashop is that it offers beautifully designed templates. The main product is an e-commerce website builder, but the templates are clearly meant to sell and present products in a compelling way.

The e-commerce builder delivers a fast and intuitive interface, allowing you to grab a template, drop it into your site, then upload your products for selling. The only other step that’s required is to connect a payment gateway. The gateway options are presented through Ashop, so after that, you can launch your website and start selling.

Granted, you probably want to design your site before going live, so it’s nice to see lots of customization features in the builder.

As mentioned above, much of the Ashop platform revolves around its metrics. Every change made in Ashop is recorded for you. The platform is set up to make it easy for you to conduct A/B testing. You can tweak your design, products, prices, and other elements and see what changes boost conversions and sales.

Finally, you’ll get some amazing tools for things like marketing, social media, B2B, shipping, and content management. For example, you might want to launch a blog or create an environment where customers can share product pages on Facebook or Twitter. This is all possible with some of the built-in features included in Ashop.

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How Ashop Competes

Compared to the competition, Ashop is in the middle of the road. You can find some pricing that’s in-budget for small businesses, but it also has more enterprise-level packages with top professional features and the power to support high growth.

A trial is available for testing out the Ashop interface, and it allows you to play around with the majority of the tools from the start. Not only that, but Ashop doesn’t force you to input credit card information for this trial.

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We’ve covered some of the general offerings from Ashop, but what about the more specific features? It depends on your budget, but here’s a list of some options many of Ashop users can take advantage of:

  • Powerful metrics for viewing things like sales, customers, shipments, design tests, and more
  • A minimum of 500 products, going all the way up to stores with 10,000 products
  • Unlimited bandwidth for every website created on Ashop
  • Integrations with some of the most popular payment gateways
  • A mobile storefront so your customers can buy products from mobile devices
  • A full blog that helps you build your content and boost your SEO
  • Support for digital goods
  • Gift certificates that customers can purchase from your store and send to their friends
  • B2B e-commerce offerings for more complex variants and pricing structures
  • Fraud protection to keep you and your customers safe.

Keep in mind, that Ashop is included with the majority of e-commerce plans, meaning that you won’t be able to remove it unless you consider one of the most expensive options. This could be seen as a downside to many, but others might be willing to accept that branding as long as they get access to the solid templates, beautiful metrics, and affordable plans.

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Professional Services from Ashop

Some e-commerce software companies provide services, while others concentrate on building online store tools. Sometimes you even see e-commerce companies partner with other services so that users have more resources.

Ashop sells its own services, such as full store setup, design, and SEO. So, an inventor or entrepreneur with a great product idea could call up the folks at Ashop and have the company work through their entire design and search engine optimization. This way, the entrepreneur could focus solely on product development and marketing. Often entrepreneurs don’t have design or SEO skills and benefit from delegating these tasks.

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Ashop has these services at your disposal, which is a huge advantage for some companies. You don’t have to go searching for a designer or SEO expert, since the experts at Ashop already know the ins and outs of their own system.

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What Will You Love About Ashop?

Ashop doesn’t have any contracts and it doesn’t try to hook you into yearly payments. Therefore, your online store runs on a monthly basis. This comes in handy for stores that might need to shut down early. An entrepreneur will often want the flexibility to pull the plug on a immediately should the need arise — not have to wait a year.

Ashop also removes transaction fees from the equation. The credit card processing companies will still collect a transaction fee, but at least you don’t have to spend anymore money with Ashop.

Other than the fact that Ashop branding is included with most plans, the pricing competes with the best of the best in the e-commerce world.

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Another reason Ashop looks good compared to the competition is because of its analytics. These are really easy to understand metrics, so the average webmaster won’t get confused when trying to make company decisions. The reports and graphs have drill down tools for measuring and analyzing every part of your store. For example, you can check out the detailed effects after a change in your design or email marketing strategy.

Finally, Ashop users have the advantage of finding services directly through the company itself. They can forget about asking around or searching the internet for web designers or SEO experts. You’ll also notice that the services are affordable.

Ashop Covers it All in Customer Support

Ashop looks great on the customer support front. Not only do users receive phone and ticket support, but they can log onto the live chat support to get instant responses to questions. The ticket system goes through email, so you’re placed in the queue, then you’ll get an email when a response comes through.

Ashop also has a blog with featured stories and tips for taking advantage of the platform. There’s a FAQ page and a full support portal with a knowledgebase and search bar.

Along with social media conversations on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can find a wide range of support documentation and assistance from Ashop.

Ashop is a Solid E-Commerce Choice for Most Businesses

When you take a look at the entire feature-set and the number of tools packed into Ashop, it’s tough to recommend against it. The Ashop e-commerce builder may not be the most well-known platform on the market, but it solves problems for those who don’t like self-hosting. Furthermore, both beginners and experienced developers have the opportunity to expand their stores and build whatever they put their minds to.

What stands out the most here are the metrics included. Those who want to be able to easily execute data-driven decisions will be pleased. People who want pre-built themes that are optimized to help products sell will also be satisfied here. Pile on ample customer support through multiple channels and you’ve got a strong e-commerce contender.

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Of course, not everyone will be happy with Ashop. The fact that it includes branding on all but the most expensive plan is a bit of a nuisance. There’s also a product cap on even the most expensive plan. Ashop may also be a bit too complicated for those who have no interest in detailed customizations or API access.

Negatives aside, Ashop is definitely an e-commerce builder that isn’t talked about enough in the industry and it’s worth a detailed look before you setup your next online venture.