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Our Editor’s rated 3dcart 4 / 5 based on user ratings, pricing, and features offered.

Introduction to 3dcart

3dcart is an established, industry leading and robust e-commerce software platform that was founded already back in 1997.

Their e-commerce software has a range of features that are built directly into the software, that makes starting and running your online store easy, fast and effortless.

3dcart currently powers more than 17,500 global merchants, and support is free and available 24/7/365. 3dcart has everything you need to create an online store and to succeed in today’s competitive e-commerce market.

Easy To Get Started

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This 3dcart review (2022 update) is based on ratings from real people on Twitter, we think it will help you make the best-informed decision whether or not you should sign up with 3dcart and get their e-commerce software.

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About 3dcart

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3dcart is an e-commerce solution that has been around for more than a decade. Gonzalo Gil founded 3dcart back in 1997 and it’s a product of “Infomart 2000” and currently the company headquarters is based in Tampa, Florida.

While the first version was a major hit, several updates have been rolled out over the years, improving and expanding on the original features that customers loved.

3dcart’s e-commerce software serves more than 17,500 global online merchants and the numbers appear to be growing with each passing year.

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Introducing 3dcart

One of the biggest challenges of establishing an online store is choosing an e-commerce system. With so many shopping carts to pick from, it can be daunting to make up your mind. However, if you want to narrow down your list to the very best, then 3dcart is certainly worth your consideration.

Whether you intend to sell digital products or tangible goods, 3dcart offers all the features you need to build and run an online store. But how does it stack up against other similar e-commerce programs on the market?

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Top Features of 3dcart

Will 3dcart help you sell and market your products better? Let’s have a look.

Add-ons and Integrations

3dcart has partnered with 350+ app developers to provide seamless third-party integrations with their software.

Regardless of what additional functionality you want to integrate into your online store, you can be almost certain of finding a solution on 3dcart’s app store.

3dcart Application Add-Ons3dcart has dozens of useful applications with a range of payment plans. Screenshot via

Charges for extra add-ons range from free, to recurring service subscriptions, to one-time-purchases.

When subscribed to the professional plus plan, users also get seamless integration with E-bay, QuickBooks, DOBA, and Amazon Order Sync at no additional cost.

Varying Range of Add-On Types

But what other add-ons are there available? Here is a list of app add-ons which can spice up your future online store with 3dcart:

  • Autoresponder – $15.00 – Customized automatic response messages for your support system
  • Multiple Distributors – $49/month – Administrative system for shipping from multiple distributors
  • Category Filters – from $199.00 – Categorization system, often used by top e-commerce stores around the world
  • Autoship – free trial – Automatic processing of recurring orders and services
  • 3d Live Chat – $15/month or $195 one-time – Speak to your customers live, online
  • Quickbooks – $15/month – Seamless integration for Quickbooks
  • Address Verification – $9.99/month – Live shipping address verification, taking place during the checkout process
  • Facebook Connect – Free – A free facebook plugin, allowing customers to log in via Facebook
  • Fraudwatch – from $9.99/month – Draws attention to suspicious activity during customer activity

What Type of Payment Processing is Available?

Few online shopping carts offer more ways to pay for online goods and services than 3dcart.

Online merchants who use this e-commerce solution have the chance to offer their customers over 100 payment methods to choose from. Therefore, finding a suitable payment processor should not be a problem.

No Transaction Fees

3dcart doesn’t charge any transaction fees too.

However, your chosen payment gateway will have various charges associated with the service.

3dcart review

Is This Shopping Cart Secure?

The security features that 3dcart provides are just as impressive as its diverse payment options. 256-bit SSL encryption is a basic feature of all plans, which is the same level of security that large financial institutions use to ensure secure online transactions.

Is 3dcart PCI-Compliant?

The company’s network security software is also PCI DSS compliant, so you can process credit card payments without having to worry about compromising sensitive customer data and breaking the law.

When checking out, customers will be notified of any additional taxes or shopping costs.

Templates and Design

When designing your online store with 3dcart, there are over five dozen free templates to help you get started.

With higher-level plans, you’ll get access to more premium templates that are device responsive or designed to provide a good browsing experience for both PC and mobile users.

A Satisfying Number of Options for Customization

Customization tools are available to help you create a unique storefront. You can edit CSS and HTML using the quick bar editor even after selecting a template.

Drag-and-Drop Tool Makes Editing Easy

The editor’s drag and drop feature make it easy to move elements within the template. It offers menu options for adding products, pages, categories, and blog posts directly.

Helping Visitors Find What They Want: Search and Product Display Options

Once your store is populated with content, the 3D zoom feature allows customers to view enlarged versions of images whenever they place their mouse cursor over a product.

In addition, 3dcart features a built-in search functionality that displays product matches after running a search.

Quick product results pop up even as visitors type product names into the search box.

3dcart themes

How Can 3dcart Help Me Market My Small Business?

3dcart offers a variety of marketing tools to help you promote your online store. There are plenty of methods to woo customers.

You can run promotional campaigns that offer limited deals, gift cards, or discount coupon codes.

Product comparison tools have been integrated into the software as well, which allow you to help your customers make an informed buying decision.

There’s also a robust affiliate marketing model too, which can help to expand your reach as other people spread the word about your brand.

Core Marketing Tools You Get

The following 10 features are part of 3dcart’s marketing bundle:

  1. Targeted e-mail marketing
  2. Drip campaigns
  3. Promotional coupons
  4. Configurable custom coupons with customizable variables
  5. Gift cards
  6. Built-in affiliate program
  7. Tell a friend – user incentivization
  8. A loyalty program with a reward points system
  9. Complex marketing checklist – pre-built
  10. Advanced SEO tools for both mobile and desktop

Built-In SEO-Friendly Blogging

The built-in blogging platform and RSS feed are perfect for online merchants who want to leverage the power of content marketing. 3dcart provides optional managed SEO services with an additional fee to help you push your site to the top of search engine rankings.

Sell on Facebook, Promote in Social Media

3dcart makes it easy for you to sell on Facebook. All plans come with $50 ad credits. You can take advantage of social bookmarking capabilities to promote your online store on other social media sites. For example, have your items pinned on Pinterest, enable your customers to share your product pages, and so on.

Newsletter Smartlists App

Furthermore, using 3dcart on your e-store provides access to the Newsletter Smartlists app.

This auto-responder will come in handy if you plan to create a mailing list and send out targeted promotional messages to encourage customer spending and boost sales.

It’s All Here: SKU and Inventory Management

Depending on the chosen plan, 3dcart allows you to add anywhere between 200 and an infinite number of products. Storage capacity remains unlimited while bandwidth limitations are in place across all plans.

Adding new products with this tool can be a bit daunting but you have the choice of importing previously created products and categories via a CVS file.

POS (Point-of-Sales) is Supported

The latest version of 3dcart doubles up as a full point of sale (POS) system. Its iPad compatible POS app lets you operate your business offline and sell in person or on the go during tradeshows. The POS app is a real time saver since it automatically syncs orders and inventory.

Customer Service and Technical Support

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, the 3dcart technical support team is available to work with you 24/7. Getting in touch with the 3dcart help and support team is easy.

U.S.-based Support Team

The U.S.-based support team can be reached via a phone call, email, or live chat with a support representative.

Knowledge Tools to Support Your Business’ Growth

In terms of self-help resources, 3dcart provides an in-depth knowledge base, written and video tutorials, and the e-commerce university, which will help you “build, promote, and market your business.”

What’s more, 3dcart hosts webinars on occasion and sends out newsletters with helpful tips on how to use this tool’s features and maximize sales.

What are Some Good Alternatives to 3dcart?

While 3dcart is an excellent e-commerce site building option, it has some competitors that are definitely worth mentioning.

ShopifyBigCommerce 3dcart 
Support 24/7 support24/7 support24/7 support
Responsiveness Fully responsiveFully responsiveFully responsive
Themes 100+ high-end themes50+ themes100+ SEO-friendly themes
Tools SEO tools, direct shipments, multiple language support, blogging platform40+ payment gateways, trusted by Google, catalog API login, abandoned cart recoveryCMS, recover abandoned cart, built-in marketing suite, IP blocking


Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce builders around and for good reason. It is a robust, easy-to-use system that can meet the needs of businesses both small and large. If you are not sure if Shopify is right for you or not, you can take advantage of the free, 14-day trial.


BigCommerce is another major player in the e-commerce platform arena. BigCommerce compares itself readily to Shopify, claiming that they offer more features at a lower cost. If you are interested in Shopify, but its cost deters you, consider BigCommerce.


Is 3dcart any good? To determine whether any e-commerce solution is worth the investment, it’s always wise to weigh its pros and cons. With that in mind, here’s a quick outline of the benefits and drawbacks to expect from 3dcart.


  1. Comprehensive customer support.
  2. Low priced plans with unlimited storage capacity.
  3. Secure checkout with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  4. PCI DSS certified e-commerce solution.
  5. Extensive payment gateways.
  6. Well-rounded marketing tools.
  7. One page checkout.
  8. 15-day free trial with no credit card commitment.


  1. The admin section is slightly clunky although it becomes easier to use once you’re familiar with it.
  2. Another complaint was about repetitive templates. While 3dcart claims to offer over 100 free templates, some of the designs are just duplicated with minor color tweaks.
  3. Unlike other e-commerce solutions, 3dcart has bandwidth restrictions based on the type of plan you choose.

3dcart offers a wide variety of pricing tiers designed to cater to different types of online stores. The basic feature set is complete and even rivals the likes of Shopify, BigCommerce, and CoreCommerce.

Overall, this is not a bad shopping cart and it probably strikes the best balance between functionality and affordability. So, unless you require massive bandwidth to host your online store, 3dcart will more than likely meet your needs.

Try 3dCart for free for 15 days, no credit card needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About 3dcart

Thinking of using 3Dcart for your online store? If so, the following questions and answers can help you learn more about 3Dcart’s ecommerce software.

Can I get a free trial with 3Dcart?

Yes, through 3Dcart’s 15-day free trial offer, you can try out the company’s list of advanced ecommerce features to find out if they make a good fit for your online store.

Is 3Dcart beginner friendly?

3Dcart is very easy to set up and does not require the user to have any web design or HTML / CSS programming knowledge.

Does 3Dcart allow website migrations?

As long as you’re using another e-commerce solution, 3Dcart can transfer your website’s existing layout and data onto their platform. The ecommerce software also offers free domain transfer services.

Do I get email services with my 3Dcart plan?

Yes, all plans include free email hosting that comes with a ton of features ranging from unlimited emails, to integration with mobile phones, to a webmail interface.

Will my online store be secure?

With 3Dcart, your online store, website data, and customer information will be very secure as the company offers several security features including secure level 1 PCI hosting, admin access, SSL certificate, IP blocking security feature, 99.9% uptime, and 24/7 monitoring of data centers.The company also offers daily backups that ensure you can recover your store and website data in the event of an accidental loss.

Does 3Dcart keep up with shopping cart technology?

The platform is updated constantly through monthly releases that help you stay competitive and offer quality services.

Does 3Dcart place limitations on storage space?

No, all plans include unlimited disk space. Therefore, you can place as much content as you want in your website.

Can I change or cancel my plan?

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any point after your signup with the e-commerce software.

What payment options are available?

With 3Dcart, you have plenty of payment methods to choose from as the company integrates with over 100 major online payment gateways.

What are the best alternatives to 3Dcart?

All ecommerce software providers have their pros and cons, 3Dcart is no different. Best alternatives to Shopify, Bigcommerce, Pinnacle Cart, X-cart, 1ShoppingCart and CoreCommerce.

3dcart Plans & Prices

3dcart has a range of plans suitable for any business size. All plans include domain registration, free mobile ready themes, 100+ payment providers and no transaction fees on customer purchases. Also. If you decided to pre-pay yearly then 3dcart gives you 3 free months. For latest and most up to date prices visit 3dcart’s website.

Plan nameTransaction feesNumber of productsMonthly price
Startup 0% 100 19.00
Basic 0%Unlimited 29.99
Plus 0% Unlimited 79.00
Pro 0% Unlimited 229.00


Try 3dcart for free for 15 days, no credit card needed


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