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How To Choose a Web Hosting Provider

Choosing a web hosting provider can feel like a daunting task at times since thousands of hosts claim to provide the best service. Despite these claims, there are several criteria you can use to accurately evaluate your options. To start with, look for the main factors of speed, support, cost, security, and scalability. The order of the

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Website Builder Alternatives to Microsoft FrontPage

For six years, Microsoft FrontPage was an important tool that offered non-technical users an easy way to build websites. In addition to its intuitive desktop publishing interface, it allowed novice webmasters to incorporate basic interactive elements. FrontPage achieved this through a combination of a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) editor application and server-side scripting. It offered

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Best Free SSL Hosting

The Top SSL Certificate Hosting What Is Free SSL Certificate Hosting? With an SSL certificate, the connection between a computer and the web server is encrypted. The data between the computer and the server is scrambled so that nobody can intercept it and see what is being sent. If an eavesdropper manages to intercept the

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