The Best Applicant Tracking Software of 2021

Our applicant tracking software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 70+ applicant tracking software companies from across the web. These reviews and our applicant tracking software guide help small businesses and startups find the best applicant tracking software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking software helps recruiters track applicants through every stage of the hiring process. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your business. To make it easier, we evaluated applicant tracking software based on what’s most important, including candidate sourcing and interviewing, hiring and onboarding, and analytics and reporting.

Candidate Sourcing & Interviewing

Recruiters have many responsibilities, from creating job postings to setting up interviews with the most promising candidates. A good applicant tracking software should have a variety of features to help you determine your best sources for qualified applicants, get your job postings in front of the right people, and keep track of everything from how many people have applied for each opening to the number of people you’ve interviewed for a job. That’s why we looked for applicant tracking software with job board posting, interview scheduling and candidate tracking.

Hiring & Onboarding

Applicant tracking systems aren’t just about streamlining the application process — they can also help with hiring and onboarding after you find just the right employee to fill an opening. We looked for features like task management, document management and alerts/notifications to make your onboarding process more efficient.


Recruiting metrics can help improve efficiency and make your recruiters more efficient and productive. It’s important to review these metrics regularly to determine how much it costs to hire a new employee, how long it takes to fill job openings and how many applicants apply for each job. The right data can also help you calculate your retention rate and offer acceptance per hire, both of which can help you determine if your recruiters are as effective as you need them to be. We prioritized applicant tracking software with robust reporting features to ensure you can access the metrics you need to make good decisions.

The 15 Best Applicant Tracking Software Packages of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial/DemoMore
APSBasic HR: $50/month, plus $8/employee/month
ATS add-on: Additional monthly fixed fee
YesVisit APS
BambooHRStarts at $99/monthYesVisit BambooHR
BreezyHRStarts at $143/monthYesVisit BreezyHR
BullhornStarts at $99/user/monthYesVisit Bullhorn
GreenhouseStarts at $6,600/yearYesVisit Greenhouse
IBM Kenexa BrassRingCustom quoteYesVisit IBM Kenexa BrassRing
iCIMSCustom quoteYesVisit iCIMS
JazzHRHero $39/month (billed annually)
Plus $219/month (billed annually)
Pro $329/month (billed annually)
YesVisit JazzHR
JobviteStarts at $500/monthYesVisit Jobvite
LeverRanges from $3,500 per year for a few dozen employees to $140,000 per year for up to 1,000 employeesYesVisit Lever
Oracle RecruitingCustom quoteYesVisit Oracle Cloud HCM
RecruiterBoxStarts at $250/monthYesVisit RecruiterBox
SAP SuccessFactorsCustom quoteNoVisit SAP SuccessFactors
SmartRecruitersCustom quoteYesVisit SmartRecruiters
Zoho RecruitStarts at $25/user/monthYesVisit Zoho Recruit



APS’s prices start at $50 per month, plus $8 per employee per month for their basic HR solution. Their applicant tracking software, APS Hire, is an add-on service to their HR solution. APS Hire will cost you an additional monthly fixed fee, which is determined based on the number of employees.

With APS Hire’s job board posting feature, recruiters can post their openings to multiple job boards in just a few simple steps. Their candidate tracking feature makes it possible to determine the status of each application at a glance. And the onboarding feature makes it easy to convert a candidate into a new employee, saving recruiters time and reducing the risk of data entry errors. Also, APS has a self-service portal, which allows new hires to complete their paperwork electronically.

The system’s robust reporting capabilities make it easier to calculate common recruiting metrics, helping recruiters identify areas that need improvement. This system also integrates with several third-party systems for companies looking to continue using their existing business investments. Finally, APS has an app for on-the-go processing of applications and new-hire paperwork, as well as a payroll and HR solution to further streamline payroll processing, training, and other HR activities.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Basic HR: $50/month, plus $8/employee/month
ATS add-on: Additional monthly fixed fee
Yes>Job board posting
>Candidate tracking
>Onboarding tools
>More features at APS

Pros and Cons of APS Applicant Tracking Software
APS is one of the most affordable HR systems on the market. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux and has a variety of features to streamline the recruiting process. The only downside is that you need to pay an extra fee to access their ATS feature.

>Works with multiple operating systems
>Variety of recruiting features
>Need to pay extra for ATS feature

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that they can combine their payroll activities with their recruiting activities, saving time and money. APS also has a good reputation for providing ongoing support, prompting one user to write, “My overall experience with APS has been amazing from the first call, through the sales process, through training and implementation.”


Starting at $99 per month, BambooHR offers an affordable solution to common recruiting challenges. The interview scheduling feature makes it possible for candidates to schedule interviews with recruiters and hiring managers, eliminating the need to make time-consuming phone calls to each candidate. BambooHR also has a job posting feature, which makes it possible to post a job opening in just a few minutes instead of having to create a new listing for every job board.

BambooHR’s onboarding feature enables recruiters to send tasks to new hires to complete at their convenience. It also allows HR departments to create custom new-hire packets, introduce new employees to their colleagues ahead of their start dates and receive alerts when a new hire has not completed a required document. Candidate tracking also makes it easier to track each applicant through the hiring process, from the initial application to the time the organization extends an offer or sends a rejection notice.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at $99/monthYes>Interview scheduling
>Job board posting
>Mobile app
>More features at BambooHR

Pros and Cons of BambooHR Applicant Tracking Software
BambooHR has many features to help with onboarding, such as self-service options for new employees. It’s also easy to use and has an attractive user interface. The main drawback is that it can be confusing for new users. BambooHR also offers limited after-sales support and doesn’t always integrate well with other software.

>Robust onboarding tools
>Attractive user interface
>Easy to use
>Limited customer support after implementation

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate the ability to centralize hiring information and make it accessible to staff members across multiple departments. BambooHR also receives praise for its ability to help users streamline their workflow. One reviewer states, “The platform has been of great help to achieve a more methodical workflow.”

Breezy HR

Breezy HR starts at $143 per month and has several tools to help recruiters increase their efficiency. Robust reporting capabilities make it possible for HR staff to create custom reports that can help them make better decisions. Breezy HR also has a suite of onboarding tools, including an employee self-service portal, to ensure each new hire completes the hiring process in a timely manner. The system automates many common onboarding functions, eliminating the need for HR staff to perform these activities manually.

Breezy HR has a mobile app, which makes it easier for recruiters to keep up with hiring activities when they’re traveling between sites or attending conferences and other business events. The system also gives recruiters the ability to track applicants through each stage of the recruitment process, preventing qualified people from withdrawing their applications due to lengthy delays. Breezy HR integrates with several third-party systems to further streamline an organization’s HR activities.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at $143/monthYes>Reporting
>Self-service portal
>Candidate tracking
>More features at Breezy HR

Pros and Cons of Breezy HR Applicant Tracking Software
Breezy HR makes it easy to post a job opening to multiple websites. It’s also user-friendly and enables recruiting teams to synchronize their work. The main disadvantages include a poor video platform, user flows that aren’t always intuitive and automated tools that confuse applicants during the hiring process.

>Easy to syndicate job posts
>Mobile app
>Synchronizes hiring functions
>Poor video platform

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate that Breezy HR offers plenty of features to enhance collaboration, such as the ability to sort applications into different pipelines. Users also love the mobile app, which makes it more convenient to “review and shortlist candidates” on the go instead of having to stay in the office and use a computer.


Starting at $99 per user per month, Bullhorn gives businesses a cost-effective way to streamline their recruiting and onboarding activities. Its main features include interview scheduling and candidate tracking, both of which help recruiters save time and prevent delays in the hiring process. Bullhorn integrates with payroll software and other third-party systems, making it possible for HR departments to create their own human resource information systems. The mobile app also makes it easier for recruiters to manage their responsibilities when they’re not in the office.

With Bullhorn, users have the option of creating custom reports, making it easier to calculate time to fill, cost per hire and other important HR metrics. The system is ideal for staffing agencies, as it offers insight into which clients are the most profitable. It also allows recruiters at a staffing agency to check their firm’s real-time gross margin, which provides valuable insight into which activities generate the most revenue.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at $99/user/monthYes>Interview scheduling
>Mobile app
>Candidate tracking
>More features at Bullhorn

Pros and Cons of Bullhorn Applicant Tracking Software
Bullhorn has an easy-to-use interface and gives recruiters the option of customizing templates to make it easier to track applicants and hires through the system. Some users, however, report that they have frequent outages. The system also has some limitations that limit a recruiter’s flexibility in creating workflows.

>Mobile app
>Integrates with payroll software
>Good for staffing agencies
>Limited workflow customization

What Customers Are Saying
Bullhorn receives high marks for its easy-to-use interface, which makes it easy for users to find the features they need. Customers also appreciate that it offers many must-have features at a lower price than many competing vendors. One user writes that Bullhorn “has a lot of capability and functionality” compared to other ATS systems.


Greenhouse is a robust ATS system that has many features to streamline the hiring process and help employers make a positive impression on applicants and new hires. The interview scheduling feature allows recruiters to send interview invites to the most promising candidates, eliminating the need to make phone calls or send individual email invitations to each person. When candidates receive these invitations, they can use a self-service tool to schedule an interview at a convenient date and time.

Greenhouse also has several onboarding functions, including a self-service portal that allows new hires to fill out forms and other documents at their convenience. The onboarding module gives new employees access to a welcome hub with links to useful information, introduces new hires to their team members and tracks the number of HR hours saved by using the system. The Greenhouse mobile app also allows recruiters and hiring managers to complete HR activities from anywhere with an internet connection.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at $6,600/yearYes>Interview scheduling
>Self-service portal
>Mobile app
>More features at Greenhouse

Pros and Cons of Greenhouse Applicant Tracking Software
Greenhouse makes it easy for recruiters to track the hiring process for a specific job opening. It also allows HR staff to rate candidates according to their skills. Despite these advantages, users report that Greenhouse is too expensive for small companies and makes it difficult to reject interviews scheduled when recruiters aren’t available.

>Shows hiring progress
>Candidate rating capabilities
>One of the more expensive options on this list

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate that Greenhouse makes it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to work together to find the right candidates. One user comments, “I like the ability to see the progress of hiring across disciplines and teams.” Users also love the interviewing feature, which allows users to submit feedback immediately after each interview.

IBM Kenexa BrassRing

IBM Kenexa BrassRing has several modules to help recruiters save time and identify the best candidates for each job opening. With the job board posting feature, recruiters can create a single job listing and post it on multiple websites, freeing up time for other activities. The interview scheduling function makes it possible to send interview invitations and schedule interviews within the system instead of using a third-party scheduling application. BrassRing also integrates well with other HR systems, enhancing the capabilities of any HR department.

For recruiters who need help making sense of all the data generated by the hiring process, BrassRing also has some robust reporting tools. For example, it’s possible to configure BrassRing to compile a diversity breakdown report, making it easier to comply with EEOC requirements. It’s also possible to set up the system so that any requisition requiring approval is automatically sent to someone with the authority to approve it.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteYes>Interview scheduling
>Job board posting
>More features at IBM Kenexa BrassRing

Pros and Cons of IBM Kenexa BrassRing Applicant Tracking Software
IBM Kenexa BrassRing allows recruiters to store notes and other information all in one place. It’s also good for beginners and works for both U.S. and European employers. Some customers report that the system freezes occasionally and that it may be difficult to manage users and organizations, especially in bulk.

>Excellent reporting features
>Diversity breakdown report
>Easy integrations
>Doesn’t list flat-rate monthly fees

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate that IBM Kenexa BrassRing makes it easier for HR professionals to comply with relevant employment regulations. BrassRing also receives high marks for helping HR professionals centralize their hiring data. One reviewer writes, “The tool gives you the possibility to add notes, assessments and attachments so that all information stays in one place.”


iCIMS helps you attract, engage, hire, and advance the best talent all from one unified cloud platform. With connected, intelligent hiring tools you can move your business forward and prioritize recruitment. iCIMS’ mobile-friendly ATS seamlessly connects with your existing HR technology and allows you to easily manage the entire recruitment process from candidate reviews and assessments to digital offer delivery. Powerful AI lead technology helps you remediate bias and surface the best candidates. Using iCIMS, you can collaborate with hiring managers, reach the best candidates faster, and make decisions based on data.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteYes>Interview scheduling
>Self-service portal
>More features at iCIMS

Pros and Cons of iCIMS Applicant Tracking Software
iCIMS works well with both internal and external candidates, making it easier for recruiters to track applications. It also enables bulk printing of forms and reports. Disadvantages include the lack of a mobile app and the fact that notifications don’t always come through, causing recruiters to miss out on important information.

>Virtual events
>Texting and chatbot with applicants
>No mobile app

What Customers Are Saying
Users love that iCIMS allows them to bulk print documents, which makes it easy to include hiring managers and other staff members in the hiring process. Customers also appreciate the flexibility of the iCIMS system. For example, one user writes, “It’s nice that it can be used for internal employees and outside hires simultaneously.”

JazzHR has three pricing plans. The Hero plan costs $39 per month, accommodates an unlimited number of users and allows recruiters to have three open jobs at a time. For $219 per month, the Plus plan allows employers to have an unlimited number of open jobs. It also includes an applicant tracking system and a module that allows recruiters to set up interviews and conduct job assessments. The Pro plan costs $329 per month and adds all-access support, reporting and compliance tools, and the ability to send offer letters and use electronic signatures. You should note that these prices are for when you choose to be billed annually. Month-to-month payment options are also available.

The Pro and Plus plans, which both include the full applicant tracking system, give recruiters the ability to post jobs on multiple websites, onboard new employees and track applicants through each stage of the hiring process. All three plans make it possible to export candidate data to other HR systems, eliminating the need for double data entry.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Hero $39/month (billed annually)
Plus $219/month (billed annually)
Pro $329/month (billed annually)
Yes>Job board posting
>Self-service portal
>More features at JazzHR

Pros and Cons of JazzHR Applicant Tracking Software
JazzHR makes it possible to set up automated responses for applicants, saving recruiters time. The company also offers excellent service during implementation. It’s difficult to set up some features, such as candidate evaluations, and it can be difficult to give managers and peers different levels of access to candidate data.

>Automated responses for applicants
>Compliance tools
>Electronic signature
>No mobile app

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that JazzHR makes it easy to respond to applicants without having to take the time to write out individual letters. One user writes that using this feature helped “improve our applicants’ experience” and made it less overwhelming to keep up with all the applications coming into the system.


Jobvite starts at $500 a month for a variety of features that help HR professionals find the right people to fill open positions. The system has a tool to make it easier to manage referrals from existing employees, giving recruiters more options when it comes to finding talent. Jobvite also has candidate matching tools to reduce the amount of time it takes to identify qualified applicants. This helps recruiters save time by filtering out applicants who don’t meet the minimum requirements for a job opening.

This applicant tracking system has several intelligent tools to help recruiters find interview times that work for everyone’s schedules, predict how long it will take to fill an opening, screen applications quickly and rank candidates according to their qualifications. Jobvite also makes it possible for employers to create their own branded career sites, improving the applicant experience and freeing up internal IT resources.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at $500/monthYes>Interview scheduling
>Self-service portal
>Mobile app
>More features at Jobvite

Pros and Cons of Jobvite Applicant Tracking Software
Jobvite has a video interviewing feature, which saves time and makes it easier to connect with promising candidates. Another advantage is the ability to customize the Jobvite dashboard. The main drawbacks of Jobvite are the inability to customize basic templates and the fact that the onboarding module isn’t included in the standard package.

>Video interviewing
>Dashboard customization
>Onboarding module isn’t included in the standard package

What Customers Are Saying
Jobvite receives high marks for its video interviewing platform, which makes it possible to interview out-of-town candidates without paying for them to travel to the employer’s location. Customers also appreciate how comprehensive the ATS is, with one user commenting, “It has a lot of useful features for a comprehensive interviewing and onboarding process.”



Lever combines a CRM and an ATS to create a robust Talent Acquisition Suite that streamlines the candidate experience process, including attracting, recruiting, engaging, and ultimately hiring the right person.

Their core package has everything a recruiter needs to start meeting hiring objectives, including a complete candidate relationship management and applicant tracking system. In Lever’s core package, you can nurture passive candidates with personalized drip email campaigns, job management & advertising, multi-channel sourcing, applicant screening & fast resume review, and a configurable career site. There’s also experience, reporting, analytics, and visual insights, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions.

Organizations with more complexity can refer to Lever’s Enterprise edition, which continues to expand to meet today’s needs with further scalability.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$3,500 per year for a few dozen employees to $140,000 per year for up to 1,000 employeesYes>Full Applicant Tracking System
>Candidate relationship management
>Reporting, analytics, and visual insights
>More features at Lever

Pros and Cons of Lever Applicant Tracking Software
Lever is a cloud-based ATS, which means there’s no need to download and install software. It also enhances collaboration by allowing multiple users to provide interview feedback and view candidate profiles. The main drawbacks of Lever are its unattractive user interface and the lack of an onboarding module.

>Good for small to enterprise-sized companies
>Posts jobs to multiple hiring sites
>No onboarding tools

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that Lever makes it possible to rate employees based on objective criteria. One HR professional states, “I feel that this helps me be more objective and consistent when assessing a group of candidates.” Users also appreciate that it’s easy to create requisitions and syndicate jobs to multiple websites.

Oracle Recruiting

See the source image

Oracle Recruiting, which is part of the Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) platform, offers a variety of helpful features for managing your hiring process.

This software essentially allows your recruiters to act like marketers, as it gives them powerful tools for finding the best candidates and persuading them to join your team. Oracle Recruiting will also save you a lot of time — it includes AI-powered time-to-fill predictions and intelligent automation features that eliminate many common manual processes.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteYes>Digital assistants
>SMS tools
>Tailored career sites
>More features at Oracle Cloud HCM

Pros and Cons of Oracle Recruiting Applicant Tracking Software
Oracle Cloud HCM is an excellent human resources management solution. But if you’re only looking for applicant tracking software, you can save money by choosing an option that only addresses that need rather than every aspect of HR.

>Feature-rich applicant tracking software
>Full suite of HR features
>Not available as standalone applicant tracking software

What Customers Are Saying

Users love that they can use Oracle Cloud HCM to manage every stage of the employee lifecycle. “Oracle Cloud HCM is a world-class human resources management platform,” wrote one user. “We use the platform throughout the whole of our organization. It has helped us acquire and maintain talented employees, update and keep our employee records safely, manage and execute our payroll on time, administer employee benefits on time, and automate the manner in which we manage our employees.”


RecruiterBox has three plans starting at $250 per month: Starter, Pro and Pro Plus. The Starter package includes basic features that are essential to productive recruiting, including unlimited job openings, unlimited candidates and unlimited collaborators. Users also have access to a customizable careers page, basic reports and email templates. The Pro plan includes everything in the Starter package, along with some advanced features. These features include EEOC workflows, a full reporting suite, custom interview forms and interview self-scheduling.

For large firms with extensive hiring needs, the Pro Plus plan includes everything in the Pro package, along with an open API, integration with Slack and employee referral workflows. Additional features available with the Pro Plus package include video screening, offer management, automated report delivery and automatic feedback reminders. RecruiterBox integrates well with third-party HR systems and has an onboarding module that makes it easy to process new-hire paperwork and get new employees ready for their first days of work.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at $250/monthYes>Onboarding
>Self-service portal
>Candidate tracking
>Job board posting
>More features at RecruiterBox

Pros and Cons of RecruiterBox Applicant Tracking Software
RecruiterBox is one of the most affordable ATS systems for small business systems. It’s also easy to use, especially for non-HR staff who don’t do a lot of hiring. Downsides to this ATS include the lack of a mobile app, difficulty customizing it according to each user’s needs and a lengthy implementation process.

>Affordable for small companies
>Good for non-HR staff as well
>No mobile app

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that RecruiterBox makes it easy to syndicate job postings. One user raves, “You just simply post what you need and will reach thousands of potential applicants that can fit the criteria.” Users also praise RecruiterBox for offering multiple service packages to suit the needs of different businesses.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based applicant tracking system based on four pillars of human experience management. The self-service portal is personalized for each employee and offers information to help keep employees engaged in their work. SuccessFactors makes it possible to combine operational data with employee feedback to identify potential areas for improvement. Because SuccessFactors is offered by SAP, a company with extensive experience in data processing and business applications, recruiters can also benefit from accessing the open help community available to SuccessFactors users.

This ATS system has a variety of features to make recruiters’ lives easier, including robust reporting, the ability to integrate SuccessFactors with third-party HR solutions and an onboarding module that makes it easier to convert candidates into employees. SuccessFactors also offers e-signature management, speeding up the recruiting process while ensuring that recruiters have all the documents they need to schedule a new hire’s start date.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Contact for quoteNo>Onboarding
>Third-party integration
>More features at SAP SuccessFactors

Pros and Cons of SAP SuccessFactors Applicant Tracking Software
SAP SuccessFactors has a robust reporting tool that makes it possible for recruiters to create custom reports. It also has an intuitive interface, making it easy to find needed features. Despite these advantages, SAP SuccessFactors is missing two key features of an ATS system–interview scheduling and the ability to post on job boards.

>Robust reporting
>Electronic signature
>No interview scheduling
>No job board posting

What Customers Are Saying
Customers appreciate that SAP SuccessFactors is a full-featured solution to common challenges in human capital management. One reviewer notes, “There’s always something there you didn’t know it was capable of” managing. SAP SuccessFactors users also love that the system has robust reporting capabilities to make it easier to analyze data.


SmartRecruiters offers a customizable applicant tracking system with many must-have features. The annual cost of using SmartRecruiters depends on several factors, such as the number of employees in the firm and the number of add-ons selected. The core product, known as SmartRecruit, aims to streamline the activities involved in talent management. It includes a full applicant tracking system with candidate tracking, individual scheduling and other helpful features; reporting dashboards with analytics to help recruiters gain insight into their workflows and the ability to configure the system for multiple brands.

Users have the option of selecting the SmartAssistant, SmartGlobal and SmartMessage add-ons. SmartAssistant makes it easier to screen applications and rank candidates, while SmartGlobal allows multinational firms to customize their language settings. SmartMessage makes it possible for recruiters to send text messages to applicants and store the messages in a central database. SmartRecruiters also offers a mobile app to make it easier to perform recruiting activities from almost anywhere.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteYes>Self-service portal
>Interview scheduling
>More features at SmartRecruiters

Pros and Cons of SmartRecruiters Applicant Tracking Software
SmartRecruiters makes it possible for recruiters to post their openings directly to multiple job boards, saving time and increasing efficiency. It’s also easy for candidates to use, which reflects well on employers. Disadvantages include a lack of search filters and difficulty scheduling interviews with non-HR staff, such as hiring managers and department staff.

>Easy for candidates to use
>Job board posting
>No flat-rate monthly fee listed

What Customers Are Saying
Users love that SmartRecruiters makes it easy to keep track of candidates. One satisfied user claims, “It is so easy to use the website, and it provides you with a quick snapshot of where candidates are at in the interview process.” Customers also love that SmartRecruiters integrates with their calendar apps for interview scheduling.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit has several plans to meet the needs of small and large businesses. The free plan is available to firms with just one recruiter, and it includes basic applicant tracking and the ability to schedule interviews. For $25 per user per month, recruiters can access the Standard version of Zoho Recruit. This version has many more features than the free plan, including resume parsing, tools for building a career website, email integration, workflow automation and the ability to syndicate job postings across multiple sites.

The Enterprise package, which costs $50 per month, includes everything in the Standard package. It also offers several useful features for larger firms with multiple recruiters. These features include field-level security, social tabs, time-based actions, custom modules and the ability to create territories and use multiple currencies. Zoho Recruit also offers a variety of reports to help recruiters make sense of all the data that comes with processing applications and scheduling interviews.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starts at $25/user/monthYes>Mobile app
>Job board posting
>Candidate tracking
>More features at Zoho Recruit

Pros and Cons of Zoho Recruit Applicant Tracking Software
Zoho Recruit has a mobile app and is affordable for small businesses. It also has an applicant blueprint to make it easier to track candidates through the hiring process..

>Free version available
>Good for small and large businesses
>Applicant blueprint
>Custom modules not available on Standard Plan

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love that Zoho Recruit features an applicant blueprint, which “tells you exactly what you have to do for each applicant.” Zoho Recruit also receives high marks for its mobile app, which helps recruiters stay in touch with applicants and hiring managers even if they’re attending job fairs or other business events.

What Is Applicant Tracking Software?

Applicant tracking software is designed to help recruiters and hiring managers streamline the hiring process. One job opening may attract hundreds of applicants, making manual processes time-consuming and cause talented applicants to “fall through the cracks” if their applications don’t make it to the right person. ATS systems eliminate the need to screen applications manually or page through hundreds of pieces of paper to find the most promising applicant.

Depending on the system selected, ATS systems may also make it possible for recruiters to post openings to multiple job boards, onboard new hires and keep track of employee skills and certifications. Some systems also integrate with payroll and timekeeping software, giving small and large businesses alike the opportunity to create their own custom human resource information systems.

In addition to all the benefits of an ATS system for recruiters and hiring managers, this type of software can also make it easier for people to apply for open positions. By putting job postings, application forms and other job-related information all in one place, applicants can avoid having to send multiple emails or fill out lengthy application forms before they’ve even had a chance to learn more about the essential functions of the position.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking software has a variety of benefits for employers, including the following:

  • Save time. ATS systems automate your hiring and onboarding activities, helping recruiters, hiring managers and other staff involved in the hiring process save time. With the right ATS package, it’s possible to print in bulk, send emails to large lists of applicants and perform a variety of actions with just a few clicks, leaving you with more time to conduct interviews and follow up on job offers.
  • Gain valuable insight into your hiring practices. Recruiters use a variety of metrics to determine how productive and efficient they are. If you do everything by hand, it’s difficult to gather enough data to calculate metrics such as time to fill and cost per hire. ATS systems put this data at your fingertips, making it easier to determine where your department needs to improve.
  • Automate common activities. Applicant tracking software makes it possible to put most of your hiring activities on autopilot. With the right system, you’ll be able to automatically send emails acknowledging new applications, invite applicants to schedule an interview and reject applicants who didn’t make it to the next step of the hiring process.

Must-Have Features for Applicant Tracking Software

Good ATS systems should have a variety of features designed to help you source strong applicants and streamline the interviewing process. For example, some software packages have a job posting feature that enables recruiters to post their advertisements on multiple job boards, ensuring that each posting is seen by as many people as possible. Good ATS systems also allow recruiters to schedule interviews and track candidates through each stage of the hiring process.

The best applicant tracking systems also make it easy to hire new employees and onboard them to your organization. Some systems have alerts or notifications to let you know when candidates accept their job offers or when something is missing from a new employee’s onboarding documents. A good ATS package also has task management and document management functions to make it easier to complete the onboarding process and upload required documentation.

Finally, an applicant tracking system should have robust reporting capabilities to ensure you can use your recruiting data effectively. Many ATS packages even allow recruiters to create custom reports, ensuring that each organization has access to the metrics it needs to determine if its recruiting, hiring or onboarding processes need to be improved.

The Cost of Applicant Tracking Software

The cost of applicant tracking software varies widely based on the vendor selected and the features included in the base package. Some ATS systems are available for as little as $25 per user per month, making them affordable for small businesses and firms without dedicated HR teams. It’s important to note that these low-cost options may only have a few features included in their base prices. For example, the base package may include a candidate tracking module but no onboarding module. If you’re looking for an ATS with onboarding capabilities, then you’d have to purchase the onboarding module at an additional cost.

At the other end of the spectrum are ATS packages that cost more than $100,000 per year. These systems are better suited for large corporations with dozens of recruiters and HR employees. An expensive ATS may also be a good option for organizations with multiple locations, as these systems typically have features designed to make it easy for employees at multiple job sites to participate in the hiring process. Small businesses may not need these features, making it unnecessary to purchase such an expensive ATS system. Several vendors also offer ATS packages for $50 to $100 per user per month, giving medium-size businesses plenty of options.