The Best App Marketing Companies of 2021

Our app marketing company reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 200+ app marketing companies from across the web. These reviews and our app marketing guide help small businesses and startups find the best app marketing company for their business.

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How We Chose the Best App Marketing Companies

Development is only half of the process of delivering the convenience and function of a mobile app to your users. The other half lies in alerting customers to its existence. The average mobile user downloads no more than 30 apps onto their device, and if you want your app to be one of them, you’ll need the guidance and expertise of a highly competent app marketing team.

We looked at which characteristics were most important to small businesses shopping for an app marketing company — while cost, reputation, and results should all be taken into consideration, our goal was to find the right fit, so we looked at the following criteria.

Industry Focus

Marketing is all about getting the right words out to the right people, and an App Marketing agency with knowledge of your field will be better able to provide that service. Choosing an App Marketing firm with experience and knowledge of your industry will eliminate a time-consuming learning curve while also allowing them to more effectively and efficiently tailor their marketing efforts to have the greatest impact.

Size of Firm

The size and culture of an App Marketing agency can make a significant difference in the level of service that you receive. While both large and small firms are capable of providing high quality work, there are significant differences between the two, and advantages to each.

With large agencies, you can feel confident that they have grown to their size over time and as a result of the success of their efforts. But the fact that they have extensive experience does not always mean that you will be working with their most tenured staff members. Still, larger firms will have extensive resources and may have a greater depth of knowledge of your industry.

By contrast, small agencies often charge less for their services and are willing to offer them on a per project basis rather than on an ongoing basis. Additionally, smaller firms have a reputation for offering more creative solutions and taking a more personal, collaborative approach to their clients’ needs. Many boutique firms have also chosen to focus on specific vertical industries.

Multiple Service Lines

Though your investment in an app for your company may be your only digital project, it is a good idea to look into the future and assess whether your needs are likely to expand to other platforms. If there is a chance that they will, then selecting a company that can go beyond the narrower scope of app marketing will ensure a continuity of your messaging while also saving you the time of having to go through the process of educating a new firm about your company, your industry and your objectives.

The 15 Best App Marketing Companies of 2021

CompanyPriceService LinesMore
App Growth Network$100 - $149 / hrMobile & App Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Media Planning & Buying
Visit App Growth Network
AppAgent$100 - $149 / hrMobile & App Marketing
App Store Optimization, User Acquisition, Soft launch, Global Launch, User Segmentation, Analytics, Creative Services, Data Architecture, Data Analytics, Ads production
Visit AppAgent
AppFillip$25 - $49 / hrMobile & App MarketingVisit AppFillip
Apptuitive$150 - $199 / hrMobile & App Marketing
App Store Optimization
Visit Apptuitive
Dot Com Infoway< $25 / hrMobile App Development
Mobile & App Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design
Infographic Design
Visit Dot Com Infoway
FiveAgency$100 - $149 / hrMobile App Development
Mobile & App Marketing
UX/UI Design
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Mobio$200 - $300 / hrMobile & App Marketing
User Acquisition CPI / CPA
Feedwise in-app network
Mobile Retargeting
Influencer marketing
ASO, reputation management
Media campaigns, video, mobile web (DSP)
Promotion strategy (web and app)
Visit Mobio
Moburst$150 - $199 / hrMobile & App Marketing
Visit Moburst
Qmobi$100 - $149 / hrSearch Engine Optimization
Mobile App Development
Web Development
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Quantum< $25 / hrSearch Engine Optimization
Mobile App Development
Web Development
SEMnexus$50 - $99 / hrMobile & App Marketing
Digital Marketing
Visit SEMnexus
Studio Mosaic$25 - $49 / hrMobile & App Marketing, User Acquisition, App Store Optimization (ASO), Soft App Launch, Global Launch, Pricing & Monetization Strategy, Product Audit & Recommendations for Growth, Attribution, Data-driven Growth Hacks & Conversion OptimizationVisit Studio Mosaic
Techmagnate$25 - $49 / hrMobile & App Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design
Visit Techmagnate
Udonis$100 - $149 / hrMobile & App Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Media Planning & Buying
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Yodel MobileCustom QuoteMobile & App MarketingVisit Yodel Mobile

App Growth Network

App-Growth-Network Logo
App Growth Network is a data-driven, full product mobile growth consultant team based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and operating in Singapore, Barcelona, Seattle, Bengaluru, and Rome. The firm’s experienced team of fewer than 50 specialists focuses on scientific analysis to help product owners and start-ups identify their growth objectives and come up with an action plan for success.

App Growth Network has deep expertise in: App Store Optimization (ASO), Apple Search Ads (ASA), Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and App Launch and Retention Strategies.

To support their scientific approach to optimization throughout the entire funnel, the company has developed Apollo, a proprietary in-house mobile app reporting tool.

Their primary services include:

  • Product Marketing — the firm works directly with their clients’ product management teams to optimize go-to-market strategy from development to launch
  • User Acquisition — the firm has a dual focus on organic acquisition through app store optimization as well as paid media channels
  • Analytics — the firm analyzes high-activity users through app store analytics, attribution and product analytics to help convert, retain and grow their clients’ user base
PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 - $149 / hrMobile & App Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Media Planning & Buying
>Proprietary in-house mobile app reporting tool
>Comprehensive launch strategy
>Apple Search Ads
>More features at App Growth Network

What Customers Are Saying
“They helped me from start to finish in terms of marketing my product. I’m seeing levels of growth that would’ve been impossible had I approached the project by myself. We’ve already enjoyed a couple hundred downloads although the product is still being developed. Their project management was brilliant. Communication was great, as they provided frequent updates. I really enjoyed their energy. They provide high-quality services at a low cost.”


AppAgent Logo
App/Agent is a mobile marketing agency based in the Czech Republic. The company’s 16-person crew of marketers, ASO experts, creatives, data analysts, and UA managers offer comprehensive, full range services that combine data, creativity, and user acquisition tools to grow their clients’ user base.

The company has expertise in the areas of:

  • Marketing Strategy, including brand and USP definition, audience segmentation and targeting, soft launch strategy, go-to-market strategy, and growth hacking
  • Data Analytics, including custom app and marketing analytics creation, attribution tools selection and integration, ltv modeling and ad-hoc data analysis
  • Creative Services, including icon and screenshot design, app preview video production, video and playable ads, and creatives production workshops
  • User Acquisition, including audit and strategy services, campaign setup and management, App Store Optimization (ASO), Cross-promotion, and User Acquisition and ASO workshops

The company’s services are appropriate for a wide range of clients, including those first looking to transition from desktop to mobile, those in need of deep expertise in order to fuel growth, and those who have a verified business idea or product-market fit backed by an investor.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 - $149 / hrMobile & App Marketing
App Store Optimization, User Acquisition, Soft launch, Global Launch, User Segmentation, Analytics, Creative Services, Data Architecture, Data Analytics, Ads production
>Specialized Workshops
>Creative Services
>App Store Optimization
>More features at AppAgent

What Customers Are Saying
“An out-of-box analysis tool would have been twice the cost of the dashboard that they helped us develop, so we’re very satisfied with how cost-effective this solution has been. The completed tool also helps us save 20% of our expenses, every month. Their app store optimization has led to a 20% uptick in traffic, as well. We’ve been very happy with their work. They have a wide scope of expertise. They’re never trying to sell you one particular service because they excel in a broad range of services. They can really fill in the gaps that exist in your organization.”


AppFillip Logo
AppFillip is a five-year-old professional app marketing and mobile advertising agency that stresses creativity and hard work. Based in India the firm offers:

  • User Acquisition services design to attract new users. Expertise includes organic growth strategies to drive installations; paid media advertising including targeted posts, banners and ads published on social media; content promotion through public relations strategies, blogs, Quora and referral campaigns.
  • Growth hacking services based on analytics. Expertise includes effective, guaranteed keyword ranking; search optimization of app title and description including graphic design; app category growth through Burst campaigns that drive higher rankings in app categories.
  • App Store Optimization (ASO) to optimize visibility and conversion. Expertise includes identifying valuable keywords through competitive analysis, store relevancy, traffic and difficulty; optimizing store metadata including title, description, and through graphic design; A/B testing.
  • Mobile Game Promotion that acquires game players, boosts keywords to pull games to the top of their category rank; paid promotion and creative design; influencers marketing strategies.
PriceService LinesFeatures
$25 - $49 / hrMobile & App Marketing>Multiple options for ASO Solutions
>Paid influencer campaigns
>Mobile Games Promotion
>More features at AppFillip

What Customers Are Saying
“We achieved more than 10,000 free downloads and over 2,500 paid downloads. We’re now also building our organic position in the App Store. They made it possible for us to achieve our goals, below our budget. The follow-up of the team was intensive and responsible. I loved the personalized way they work. They achieved my goals by working in a creative way. They knew what I needed and how to promote a product. The team was very understanding and had huge market knowledge.”


apptuitive Logo
Apptuitive is a small, New Jersey-based team of nine specialists in App Store Optimization. The firm provides the majority of its marketing strategy services to small businesses, improving their app visibility within the app stores and increasing app conversion rates.

The company achieves significant success through the use of keywords in the client’s app name rank, the app’s descriptions, knowledge of which keywords people are searching for, app store screenshots, and compelling app icon design.

Apptuitive informs its efforts through a deep understanding of each client’s brand and business, competitors and vision. After completing their analysis, the team then applies what they’ve learned in a way that increases product page visits and app downloads. Their process is simple, fast and cost effective, consisting of three steps:

  1. Clients provide names of competition, their pitch deck, their business vision, and other pertinent information
  2. Apptuitive puts the information through their proprietary process
  3. Apptuitive sends their clients the results of their ASO improvements for clients to copy and paste into their app store details
PriceService LinesFeatures
$150 - $199 / hrMobile & App Marketing
App Store Optimization
>Quick turnaround
>Easy process
>Fixed price packaging
>More features at Apptuitive

What Customers Are Saying
“Apptuitive has been amazing and vital to helping our app compete against some of the largest companies in the App Store. Within a few months of our app launch, Apple selected us as a candidate to be featured as App of the Day. This is one of the greatest compliments any app can receive from Apple.”

Dot Com Infoway

dot-com-infoway Logo
Dot Com Infoway has over twenty years of experience in providing customized, cost-effective IT solutions and digital marketing services. Located in India, the company has over 250 full-time employees with expertise in a wide range of technology and marketing capabilities, offering small and medium-sized businesses a one-stop shop with a well-structured project management process and quality assurance practice.

The company’s offerings include software solutions, web solutions, mobile applications solutions, internet marketing, and more. Clients can choose to work under two different types of business models: the Project-based model uses a fixed-price quote for a project, while the Dedicated Development model is more appropriate for multiple or long-term projects of three months or more, and bills on a monthly basis.

Dot Com Infoway has a robust mobile App marketing service that works to attract and retain users and increase downloads and revenue. Their 360-degree solutions include app prototype design; market research; public relations before, during and after launch; App Store Optimization; growth marketing; influencer campaigns; user engagement activities and PPC campaigns.

PriceService LinesFeatures
< $25 / hrMobile App Development
Mobile & App Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design
Infographic Design
>UI/UX design
>Managed services
>One-stop shop
>More features at Dot Com Infoway

What Customers Are Saying
“Our Google ranking improved by 40% in the first 2 months and progressed further every month. Our sales conversions were increasing steadily at 6% a month which was above our target set initially. Even though there was a time difference, the team delivered a fantastic output and having multi-platform communication tools really helped us to be in touch with them whenever we wanted and got the job done well ahead of time. Their level of team engagement, knowledge in this field, and project transparency set them apart.”


fiveagency Logo
Based in both Brooklyn, New York and Zagreb, Croatia, FIVE is both a mobile app design and development company with more than 50 employees. The firm is more than 15-years old, and has earned a reputation for a high level of expertise in product design, software development, growth marketing, and user engagement optimization.

FIVE provides data-driven end-to-end product development and growth marketing services, including:

  • Product Discovery — The firm conducts market research to validate the idea through prototyping, identify the target user, gauge the market, and estimate both the development costs and the potential return on investment. Their process includes a complete technology evaluation, user acquisition strategy, and growth strategy.
  • Product Design — The firm’s rigorous approach includes wireframes, prototyping, user testing, visual design, and brand development.
  • Development of applications for iOS and Android
  • Growth Marketing to facilitate success, including strategies for marketing automation, user engagement, customer acquisition, and App Store Optimization.
PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 - $149 / hrMobile App Development
Mobile & App Marketing
UX/UI Design
>Market Research
>Brand Development
>More features at FiveAgency

What Customers Are Saying
“Technically, they are fantastic. I feel like they are part of the team. They are some of the best engineers I’ve worked with and are able to solve some complicated problems. They have a real sense of ownership, which is what jumped out to me and separated them from other remote teams I’ve worked with. Something else that stands out is the design work. Once we shifted design to them, they were fantastic, going through design proposals, executing user tests against those proposals, and running small A/B tests. They understand the world of user-testing and persona modeling. They really understand what we’re building and what the user reactions to features are going to be before we dig into them.”


mobio Logo
Though Mobio began as a mobile user acquisition company, in the seven years since its start it has expanded into a mobile marketing agency and IT company that develops its own proprietary technologies. Based in Russia, the company now has more than 80 employees and represents the largest media buying team in Eastern Europe.

Mobio specializes in:

  • Media purchasing — app promotion that relies on Mobio’s proprietary Feedwise traffic program, which determines the correct amount to bid and delivers ad performance while ensuring quality control and fraud prevention
  • Mobile retargeting — proprietary GetLoyal program automates mobile retargeting and generates user re-engagement
  • Media campaigns — in-house design team that develops creative concepts and content focused on user engagement, then produces all types of banners, including static, video, playable ads, customizable native ads, dynamic ads, and more
PriceService LinesFeatures
$200 - $300 / hrMobile & App Marketing
User Acquisition CPI / CPA
Feedwise in-app network
Mobile Retargeting
Influencer marketing
ASO, reputation management
Media campaigns, video, mobile web (DSP)
Promotion strategy (web and app)
>DSP Platform
>Proprietary Feedwise traffic purchasing technology
>Proprietary GetLoyal retargeting platform
>More features at Mobio

What Customers Are Saying
“One of my mobile apps gets about 1,000 installations a day from Mobio. We are happy with these results. They promised high-quality mobile traffic, and that’s what we’ve received. What distinguishes Mobio is that they never drive any fraudulent traffic. Also, I love the custom creatives that they make because they take into account the importance of maintaining our brand. The creatives I get from Mobio look like they were made by our own design team.”


moburst Logo
Moburst is a full-service, global mobile marketing agency with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Tel Aviv, Israel. The company has 60 employees and specializes in creating cost-effective, creative and innovative mobile marketing campaigns that are built on data and the use of advanced technology.

  • Mobile Strategy. The team defines the value proposition and target audience, then identifies the right mobile strategy to engage customers.
  • Product Consulting. The team’s expertise in user behavior and psychology is used to refine the product and maximize resources. The 360-degree product process includes conducting in-depth diagnostics, creating a marketing strategy, past data analysis, competitor research, industry benchmarks, and budget control.
  • App Store Optimization. A proprietary search engine monitors keywords and phrases and a research aggregator compiles data from leading ASO tools for analysis. This information is used to enhance the impact of descriptions, titles, and keyword lists. The team also conducts A/B testing.
  • Media Buying. Moburst employs hyper targeting of users based on their behaviors, bursts that increase visibility, remarketing that keeps users engaging with the app, and brand engagement campaigns that reach their clients’ desired audience.
  • Creative Services. Strategic storytelling is used to attract engagement through all mediums and to enhance the mobile app user experience. The process includes research into the target audience. Capabilities include UX/UI, product copywriting in multiple languages, video production, script writing, rich media banners, and complete cross-platform campaigns.
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What Customers Are Saying
“The impact has been huge. They truly helped us find our voice as a company and as a brand. They showed us how we could add true value to our customers and be different from our competitors. They helped us with research that we wouldn’t have been able to do ourselves. For example, with the SEO research, there is no way that we would have been able to do that. They really pointed out the importance of using keywords and having high rankings for the App Store. They helped us calculate the cost per install of the app, so that we can now adjust our financial model. When we approach investors, we can show them specific numbers and calculations.”


qmobi Logo
Qmobi is a results driven digital marketing and user acquisition agency that specializes in media buying, user acquisition, product optimization and monetization, and the production of high-level creatives for app campaigns. The company is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia and has offices in Europe and in the United States. Their team of more than 50 specialists includes media buyers, designers, project managers and a strong technical team that has self-developed solutions including the automation of traffic purchasing, the creation and testing of their creative team’s effectiveness, and team performance management and optimization.

The company offers multiple models of collaboration including a management fee based on a percentage of the client’s ad spend budget, a fee based on the cost per installations reached at a negotiated price, a fee based on the cost per action and KPIs based on the client’s objectives, and a revenue sharing option.

Their services include:

  • Performance Marketing built on a foundation of audience understanding and the strategies required to acquire significant volumes of traffic. The process is based on quality traffic sources purchased directly, broad targeting options, monitoring for bots and machine activity to ensure quality of users, ad optimization by KPI, high-quality creatives. Qmobi is also able to scale for additional growth, provide consulting for new launches, and run test campaigns.
  • Profit Sharing service to help develop and grow projects and maximize revenue. Partnerships include financing marketing budgets, performing user acquisition, working on organic growth, organization of B2B lead generation, facilitating public relations, and creating interest from investors or for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Outreach Campaigns to increase brand awareness and increase the flow of users to both desktop and mobile. Process includes research and collaboration to understand the goal, defining the target audience, determining the campaign reach, conducting market research, and then defining the plan for the campaign before conducting it.
  • Consulting for product launch including U/UI, monetization,and strategy as well as conducting media audits to assess the quality and effectiveness of current campaigns
PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 - $149 / hrSearch Engine Optimization
Mobile App Development
Web Development
>Incubator agency/profit sharing
>Media audit consulting
>More features at Qmobi

What Customers Are Saying
“They have been very engaged in actively managing the campaigns and optimizing performance. They provide me with daily feedback on areas of improvement and are available 24/7 despite the time zone differences. We communicate primarily via online chat, using AppsFlyer to monitor performance. Qmobi is willing to do whatever it takes to make a campaign successful even when other companies say it’s impossible. They are very honest and transparent, even taking an occasional negative ROI while working to grow our campaigns. They have dedicated more effort than any of my other partners to trying new things and creating new materials.”

Quantum Innovation

quantum Logo
Quantum Innovation is a ten-year-old innovative Digital marketing agency based in India and with offices in Westfield, Indiana, Singapore, the UAE, and the United Kingdom. The company employs more than 50 development specialists and more than 25 digital marketing specialists to provide app and web development as well as marketing services to businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

The company’s project management focuses on quality assurance, accurate testing, infrastructure integration technology and smart API generation.

The company’s service offerings include:

Digital marketing

  • SEO Services (off-page SEO and link building, online reputation management, content marketing, eCommerce SEO, Enterprise SEO, Google Recovery Services, Mobile and ASO, and Local SEO)
  • PPC Campaign Management (Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Google Shopping Ads, Mobile Advertising, Remarketing Services. Strategic Transactional Keyword recommendations, bid management and optimization, ad copywriting and optimization, performance reporting.)
  • App Store Optimization (keyword targeting and optimization, App title optimization services, screenshots and icon creation, ratings and reviews by influencers and users)
  • Social Media Marketing (posts, images, videos posted to social networks

Mobile app development for Android, iOS, iPad and cross platform applications. Services include mobile app strategy, design, development, testing, mobile game development, and integrations.

PriceService LinesFeatures
< $25 / hrSearch Engine Optimization
Mobile App Development
Web Development
>Internet of Things
>Artificial Intelligence
>Robotic Process Automation
>More features at Quantum Innovation

What Customers Are Saying
“I want to recommend Quantum Innovation because they stay connected with you even after the project is delivered to ensure the maximum ROI. The team is efficient in responding and in dealing with new challenges.”


semnexus Logo
SEMNexus is a Manhattan-based full service digital marketing agency that focuses its efforts on startups. The company began as an app marketing agency and has grown into an affordable, full-service digital marketing agency for both mobile apps and websites. The company has built a reputation for agile, high-quality marketing on Google, the app stores, and social media.

The firm’s mobile app marketing campaigns are designed to grow downloads, retention and monetization. Their mid-sized team takes a personal approach to each app project, making sure that every campaign is tailored to match the purpose and users. SEMNexus has developed a proprietary methodology for ASO that uses App Store Optimization on page and off as well as Apple Search Ads. They also offer social media advertising, Google Adwords using the Universal App Install campaign for android, viral videos, and around-the-clock consulting.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$50 - $99 / hrMobile & App Marketing
Digital Marketing
>Free viral video
>Unlimited consulting
>Google Ads
>More features at SEMnexus

What Customers Are Saying
“SEM Nexus helped to increase our app store performance by several hundred percent. They also increased the overall quality of our listings. We have better optimization techniques too. We improved customers’ ability to find our apps, which was completely led by SEMNexus. Their team does extremely high-quality work. We have weekly web conferences and communicate by email. Their team’s never late. They always meet our expectations. In fact, their team exceeds our expectations for communication and turnaround time.”

Studio Mosaic

Studio-Mosaic Logo

Studio Mosaic is a growth-oriented app marketing & consulting agency based in New Delhi, India. They offer an eclectic team of mobile app experts that has launched and promoted over 600 apps all across the world, resulting in increased user acquisition at an optimal cost and enhanced app revenues.

They have 6+ years of app store experience and cover all aspects of app store promotions, including App Store Optimization (ASO), App Install Campaigns (PPI Advertising), Conversion Funnel Optimization, and Product Growth Hacks.

Their team is trained to use specialized tools and follow detail-oriented processes to study your app, conduct app store/keyword research, and undertake metadata analysis/competition mapping to ensure better discoverability for your app and more downloads.

Studio Mosaic’s key service offerings include:

  • App audits to recommend product improvements
  • Recommendations for attribution and usage tracking
  • Pricing and monetization strategy
  • App store optimization (keywords, screenshots, preview videos)
  • User acquisition (Facebook, Google AdWords, Apple Search Ads)
  • Data-driven growth hacks
If you want to grow your app business and generate more revenue, then Studio Mosaic is the right partner for you.
PriceService LinesFeatures
$25 - $49 / hrMobile & App Marketing, User Acquisition, App Store Optimization (ASO), Soft App Launch, Global Launch, Pricing & Monetization Strategy, Product Audit & Recommendations for Growth, Attribution, Data-driven Growth Hacks & Conversion Optimization>App Idea Research
>Press Releases
>More features at Studio Mosaic

What Customers Are Saying
“They’ve taken on our business as if it’s their own, making our partnership feel like a family. They’re fully committed and passionate about it, which is rare for an agency that’s managing multiple businesses at the same time. Studio Mosaic provides a virtual CMO and marketing team. They’re involved in everything from identifying the higher-level marketing strategy to creating a detailed and tactical plan to execute on that strategy. Sales and broadening our market are their main concerns, and they’ve created a strategy that’s compatible on all the platforms we work with.”


Techmagnate Logo
Techmagnate is an India-based digital marketing and SEO services company that provides end-to-end services, from ideation to execution. The company takes a 360-degree approach that relies heavily on its expertise in Search Engine Optimization. The firm was founded 15 years ago, and has grown to nearly 200 employees with expertise in Project Management, Digital Marketing, Business Development, SEO, Link Building, Content Writing, Web Designers, and Developers.

The firm’s Mobile App marketing services help promote their client apps across paid and organic channels to boost traffic and downloads and get positive reviews and ratings through the strategic use of App Store Optimization, App Install Campaigns, Cost Per Install Campaigns coordinated with affiliate networks, App Reputation Management, Mobile App and Mobile Web Design and Mobile App Development.

The company’s other specialties include:

  • Search Optimization, including global and national SEO, eCommerce SEO, online reputation management, Enterprise SEO, Local SEO, Content Marketing, Off-Page SEO, Google Recovery Services and Guest Posting
  • Reputation Management designed to maintain a positive digital presence. Includes reputation monitoring, response and increased accessibility for brands, corporations, celebrities, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and more.
  • Pay Per Click that drives traffic and delivers a better ROI through Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Remarketing, Google Shopping Ads, and Mobile Advertising.
  • Content Marketing written by native speakers and expertly edited. Includes blog posts, infographic design, SEO content writing, and press releases.
  • Website Services including Website Design, Mobile Optimization, eCommerce site design, Magento 2 migration, PWA Development, Redesign, Content Management, and more.
PriceService LinesFeatures
$25 - $49 / hrMobile & App Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design
>SEO Advisory Services
>Reputation Management
>Content Marketing
>More features at Techmagnate

What Customers Are Saying
“It was a real pleasure to work with Techmagnate. We were looking for a reliable SEO partner to work with and after trying 3-4 companies we found our match. Techmagnate is really a very professional company. The quality I liked most about them was their prompt reply, quality and pace of work. We definitely would recommend Techmagnate for any SEO work. Look forward to an ongoing healthy relationship.”


Udonis Logo
Udonis is a leading mobile marketing agency based in Newark, Delaware. The firm has just a dozen employees, and takes a goal-oriented, data-driven approach that views marketing as an investment rather than an expense. To achieve their clients’ goals, they rely on analytics, creative production and skillful media buying to capture higher volumes, increase efficiency and ROI, and improve the effectiveness of their advertising.

Udonis employs a project management workflow that starts with the discovery call. From there they move on to research, planning and campaign strategy before presenting the terms of engagement and boarding to their clients. Once approved, the campaign strategy is implemented and campaign performance is analyzed and benchmarked. Following the launch, the campaign is constantly optimized, with new creatives and content added and spilt testing conducted.

The Udonis team provides:

  • Mobile game marketing services that include full-service user acquisition through media buying on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat; creative production; and assistance with analytics.
  • Mobile app marketing services that include full-service user acquisition through campaign creation, management and optimization on social media and Google, the production of video and banners and assistance with mobile app analytics.
  • Lead generation services that provide a consistent flow of new leads.
  • Digital marketing services that leverage different traffic sources, managing media buys on social media, search, display and video platforms.
  • Consulting services that provide entrepreneurs with practical, actionable advice regarding their marketing operations and add more volume to their existing revenues.
PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 - $149 / hrMobile & App Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Media Planning & Buying
>Google Ads
>Consulting Services
>Video Advertising
>More features at Udonis

What Customers Are Saying
“From a project management standpoint, they’re good. It’s easy to get in contact with them. Their team manages all their projects on their own. We communicate daily sometimes, and they sell and explain their services to our clients. We even sometimes go as a team to the client. They manage everything because it’s quite complex. Their biggest competitive advantage is that they do work that’s outside of the box. When clients give Udonis Inc., Mobile Marketing a product, they work hard to understand the project. Their team does a discovery and sets the goals for each individual client.”

Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile is a leading app marketing consultancy, specializing in launching and scaling apps. Headquartered in London, they operate to serve their clients globally and use a holistic, data-led approach that defines goals and maximizes value throughout the user lifecycle.

The company’s services include:

App launch and scale program: Having launched hundreds of apps globally, Yodel Mobile has created an effective model and a guided shortcut for app success. The program offers a customizable combination of deliverables that are required for holistic and sustainable business growth, including strategy, retention and engagement, organic discoverability, paid user acquisition, and data.

ASO 360: Yodel Mobile’s ASO 360 service is an award-winning solution tailored to maximize organic growth on the app stores. Based on proprietary data-led solutions and over a decade of ASO expertise, their proven process is guaranteed to enhance app store visibility and maximize conversions and organic growth.

Paid user acquisition: Yodel Mobile is committed to transparent and data-led advertising. Their expert team of acquisition specialists have engineered processes specifically for app campaigns in collaboration with our trusted acquisition partners from Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads, and more.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom QuoteMobile & App Marketing>App growth strategy and consultation
>Retention and engagement
>Paid UA Management
>More features at Yodel Mobile

What Customers Are Saying
“I estimate around 380,000 installs leading to around 193,000 active players right now. They were robust and provided us with customized analytics. Their team was excellent at competitive research. They were constantly looking at our competitors and whether any features of competitors were copying from our app. They let us know how we fit in terms of where our competitors were moving. I’d work with their team again. They were skilled and open about challenges but also came to us with solutions. Their team was on the ball, watching everything intently to look for the best use of our capital. They assumed that the capital that we were deploying was their capital, and I appreciated that.”

What Is App Marketing?

Few people are aware of how extensive the world of mobile applications is. As of February of 2020 there were nearly 9 million apps available worldwide, and over $120 billion spent in app stores. With this type of competition, App Marketing is one of the most essential elements of a successful, profitable application launch and long-term success. App Marketing firms are tasked with ensuring that apps are seen by their target users, and ideally the strategic process begins at the same time that app development begins so that a unified focus can be identified early, infused in the app itself and eventually communicated to the outside world.

App marketing consists of more than advertising, branding, and public relations. It starts with a marketing plan that includes optimization to ensure that the users being targeted are aware of it, working to ensure that the app is intuitive and easily downloaded, continually marketing the app to ensure that it is being used and recommended, and more.

Benefits of Using an App Marketing Company

App Marketing companies are hired for the specific purpose of boosting the visibility and success of their apps and of their businesses. The strategies, planning, campaign management, and reporting that they provide are all essential tools that help you achieve your goals. The benefits provided by using an App Marketing company include:

  • Helping users discover your app through social adds, graphical ads in apps and websites, video ads and more
  • The ability to review and interpret your results
  • Remarketing to convert customers that did not convert
  • Increase your app’s value so that users continually re-engage
  • Identifying the most profitable installs and leveraging that information to boost sales further

What to Look For In an App Marketing Company

App Marketing companies are different from those that market products or services. In order to be successful they need to have specialized knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, social media, Pay Per Click advertising and more. They will have familiarity with the marketing channels best suited to your app, and have specific skills in App Store Optimization or analytics of mobile app user in-app behavior.

Finding a firm that is already familiar with your industry or niche is a plus, as it will save time both on the front end of explaining your business and in terms of learning where and how best to direct their marketing efforts. Though services and pricing are important elements in your selection process, the most important features to look for in an App Marketing company are those that go to your own ability to trust them as your partner: communication, reliability, and results. While speaking with each firm, get a sense for how they respond to your questions and their level of excitement about your project. Ask questions about project management and commitments to deadlines, as well as who within the firm you will be working with directly. Finally, ask them about campaigns that they have managed for other clients, and especially for clients in the same or similar industry as yours. Can they demonstrate success? Can they provide testimonials? Previous or current clients who are willing to talk about their experience (or have posted reviews) can provide the most valuable indication of whether a company is deserving of your trust and marketing budget.

The Cost of App Marketing

Developing an app is an expensive prospect, and if you went into the process thinking that once your app was live you’d stop having to spend money on it, you’re not alone. The truth is that companies that are building a budget for a mobile app need to add in at least one third of the app’s development costs for marketing — and probably more.

Calculating the cost of app marketing is dependent upon a number of factors, and you may find that you need to make adjustments to how much you want to spend over time, but as a rule of thumb you can anticipate that if you’re spending between $50,000 and $100,000 on your app development, you should anticipate investing another $25,000 to $50,000 to market it. If you choose not to market your app there’s a good chance that it is going to remain largely unseen, unused and not worth the money that you invested in its development.

To estimate the correct budget for your specific app, consider the following expenses:

  • Market research ($5,000-$15,000). Before embarking on app development, you need to ascertain whether demand for the app exists. This research can be accomplished through individual interviews and phone surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups. One way or another, you need to be sure that potential customers exist, as well as determining what competitors exist and what they are offering that you will be able to offer an advantage over.
  • Testing ($1,000 -$5,000). Once you have your first iteration of your app, you need to test the market to see whether it works and what improvements need to be made. This is known as MVP testing, or Minimum Viable Product, and it prevents the product from being released with major flaws or oversights.
  • Social media promotion ($1,000-$10,000). These promotions usually take place on either Facebook or Instagram, and can vary depending upon how long you want to market the app and whether you intend to rely upon influencers.
  • App Store Optimization (ASO) strategies (Up to $2,000). The costs of app store optimization varies depending upon the size of your business and what you are trying to accomplish. This service, which will optimize copy and details, gather positive and organic reviews, reveal poorly performing components and improve conversions, will make a difference in the percentage of the market that you capture.