Q: What is Digital.com?

A: Digital.com is an independent review website founded in 2015, and originally called Review Squirrel. Our strapline is “Small Business Reviews Done Differently”. We review the best tools and products for starting or growing a small business. That means services like hosting, site builders, ecommerce software and more.

Q: How is Digital.com different?

A: Unlike most other product review sites, we use sentiment analysis algorithms on real people’s opinions to rate companies. Sentiment analysis (or opinion mining) is the automated process of using machine learning to understand if a text is positive, neutral, or negative.

Q: I see negative tweets labelled as positive and vice versa. Why?

A: Sentiment analysis is a very complex machine-learning task. Not only can algorithms have problems predicting the sentiment of a tweet but humans also have a rough time agreeing on the sentiment behind a tweet or any given text. Performing sentiment analysis on tweets is tricky. It’s one of the most complex machine-learning tasks out there. Tweets are short (<140 characters), and things like sarcasm, poor spelling and lack of context can make it difficult for a machine-learning algorithm to understand the sentiment behind the text.

Q: What is machine learning?

A: Machine learning is a discipline within artificial intelligence (AI) that builds algorithms that allow computers to learn to perform tasks from data themselves instead of being explicitly programmed to perform tasks.

Q: Aren’t Twitter users more likely to express negative opinions?

A: Perhaps. It’s certaintly true that people on Twitter often tweet dissatisfaction! This makes the overall ratings lower than other sites, but comparison is key here. Our ratings shouldn’t be taken out of context – they only make sense on our site in comparison to other companies. The ratings should be based on their ratio of positive to negative reviews. This provides a good idea of which companies are good and which companies are not so good.

Q: Are you hiring at Digital.com

A: Yes, we’re always looking for talented people to join our remote team. Please see our remote jobs page.

Q: I’d love to write for Digital.com

A: We’d love to hear from you. Learn more here.

Q: How can I contact Digital.com?

A: If you have any feedback, questions, praise, or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you.